My Story: Unveiling Emotions Through Fluid Art

Hi there! I'm Chandni Patel, a London-based artist who has embarked on a colourful journey through the world of fluid acrylic art. As the youngest of four siblings, I discovered my passion for art early, finding comfort and escape in the mesmerising dance of colours on canvas.

Life took an unexpected turn when I was diagnosed with arthritis at the young age of 2. Those early years were filled with medication trials and discomfort, but amidst it all, art became my sanctuary. I vividly recall losing myself in the vibrant strokes, creating my own world within the pages of my art books. Sharing my creations with my family and friends brought me immense joy, and I realised that art was my way of speaking when words fell short.

Through high school, I nurtured my artistic flame, but it was during the pandemic that I decided to take the exhilarating leap into becoming a full-time artist. Specialising in fluid acrylic artwork, I pour my heart and soul onto the canvas. There's something magical about starting with a blank canvas and watching it transform into an entirely new story every time.

Art, for me, is a boundless journey of self-expression. It's a way of translating thoughts and feelings into tangible forms that resonate beyond words. The beauty lies in its ability to be whatever you envision, free from the confines of logic and order, much like the beautiful chaos of life itself. Each stroke is an opportunity to channel my emotions, to tell a story, and to connect with others on a deeper level.

 As seasons change, so do our emotions, and I capture this ever-shifting tapestry through my poured art style. What art means to me goes beyond the strokes and colours – it's a way to share a piece of my soul, to communicate without the need for structured language. With every canvas, I invite you to step into my world, to experience the symphony of colours and emotions that dance across the canvas, and to find your own connection within the fluidity of my art. 

Thank you for joining me on this artistic journey. Let's celebrate the magic of self-expression together, where words may fade, but art remains eternal.


Chandni Patel